Fr. David Jones D.D.
"...Go into all the world and
             preach the gospel..."

                                            (Mark 16:15)
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Fr. David Jones D.D.
"...Go into all the world and
             preach the gospel..."

                                            (Mark 16:15)
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20th May 2017

Retreat with Mary Video

Meditations with the Curia of the Legion of Mary at Malahide Carmel, Dublin HERE 

12th March 2017

Be Perfect (But How?) Video

Quiet Lenten Mass at the Hermitage HERE 

1st March 2017

Entering the Desert Video

Retreat talk at the Hermitage on Ash Wednesday - pointers for entering into Listening Mode  HERE 

14th February 2017

Saints Cyril and Methodius Video

On the feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius, taking a few hints from the East (Liturgy Reflection for Radio Maria) HERE 

3rd February 2017

Light and salt Video

Examining the concept of being both light and salt (Sunday Reflection for Radio Maria) HERE 

31st December 2016

Time in its fullness Video

Reflection on the passing of one year into another (Sunday Reflection for Radio Maria) HERE 

27th November 2016

Holland Retreat Videos

Fr. David's retreat for Nuns of Perpetual Adoration, November 2016 HERE 

23rd October 2016

Latin Mass Video

Full Latin Mass Video from Johnstown HERE
"Before they call
I will answer..."
Isaiah 65:24
Providence has opened a door to a quiet place, where a soul may find rest by spending a while beside the still waters distinctly heard in Solitude alone.

Come in and pause.

Others have wished that meditations made in the desert be made available to a wider circle, and Fr. David, living as a hermit in Duleek, Co. Meath, a spot already hallowed by the Celtic Saints, has gladly agreed to use of the recordings being made by any soul that might benefit from them, as long as the desert remain desert, a place where God reigns and may be heard by the uncrowded heart and mind.

A certain proportion of the homiletics has from the outset involved little ones.
Beneath is a collection of child-orientated talks. The Lord has a predilection for the small and innocent, and such souls will find repose in their playful and prayerful company...
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