Fr. David Jones D.D.
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Fr. David Jones D.D.
The Divine Mercy
Fr. David Jones

There is a place where peace and mercy meet,
Where human kind
The rays of Godhead can in darkness greet
And healing find.
There is a Manhood where Divinity
Looks out to us
From all Eternity.

O stream of light, O beam of ancient grace
Giv'n in this hour
For us, for us who in this tender Face
Behold the Power
That uttered Time, that bid the moments be:
I see this gaze
That waited long for me.

O Master, draw me close to this soft heat
that melts e'en this,
The coldness of the heart where all things meet
Except thy bliss,
And in a smile bid me awhile drink deep
Here where there is
A place for those who weep.