Fr. David Jones D.D.
"...Your  life is hid
     with Christ  in God..."
                                     (Col 3:3)
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Fr. David Jones D.D.
"...Your  life is hid
     with Christ  in God..."
                                     (Col 3:3)


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The voice or Prayer is never silent

Nor dies the strain of Praise away

"Let us go to his dwelling place; let us worship at his footstool!"
Psalm 132:7
Thoughts on the Eremitic Life

Part 1 - 8:02
Part 2 - 9:06
                    The monastic life, because of its origin in the desert of Egypt and Syria, has as its inner dynamism the pull towards the shedding of all in the optic of rendering the soul totally available for its Maker. The solitude of the hermitage, like that of the corporately created and sought solitude of the monastery, is hence a locus of encounter with God, a place where His rights may be recognized. Those rights extend to the use of time on earth and the use of the faculties of the soul and of the body. Hence it is that the main function of the hermit within the Mystical Body is that of gratuitous praise and love. Praise is expressed in the careful execution of the Liturgical Hours and of the attention given to the perfect celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice itself, and love is extended in the orientation of all towards quiet meditation and adoration, largely carried out in the oratory itself, in the company of adoring angels, for where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved there also is the angelic host.

                    Anything that the hermit may do over and above this essential is simply an outworking of the rights of the same Creator, who may send a needy soul for a word or prayer or sacrament of consolation or comfort. As regards requests for external activity, each request has to be weighed carefully before God, lest the tendency to misunderstand monastic availability lead to a loss of eremitic identity.

                    While offering the possibility of Confession, the hermit-priest is called to be essentially a contemplative, and needs therefore to be discerning when it comes to the needs of souls who may tend to presume that the visit to a person's house automatically includes an invitation to socialize. It is this that may be the fragile zone of the hermitage as opposed to the well protected monastery.

                    However, the insistence on the night rise and fidelity to the timetable, itself submitted to the Bishop, to whom obedience is owed, does safeguard in particular the intimacy of the night, which belongs to the Creator in an inalienable way, as the monk is one who watches while the world sleeps.

                    The hermit's existence, then, seeks no justification or apology other than that of the rights of that same Creator, who, in the words of the Gospel, is free to ask, "Have I not the right to do what I wish with my own?"
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