Fr. David Jones D.D.
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Fr. David Jones D.D.
"...For a wide door for
    effective work has
      opened to me..."
                       1 Corinthians 16:9
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Homily in the Hermitage
Homily in Staholmog
Homily in Slane
Fr. David gives a blessing on those who listen:  0:16
April 28th 2011 Easter Thursday2:16

April 25th 2011 Easter Monday

Part 115: 09

Part 28:24

April 24th 2011 Easter Sunday9:19

April 17th 2011  Palm Sunday4:48

April 10th 2011  Passion Sunday10:31

April 3rd 2011  4th Sunday in Lent12:05

April 1st 2011  1st Friday - Friday of wk 3 in Lent8:55

March 27th 2011  3rd Sunday in Lent (Ards Retreat): 

March 20th 2011  2nd Sunday in Lent7:23

March 17th 2011  Feast of St. Patrick10:38

March 13th 2011  1st Sunday in Lent10:02

March 6th 2011  Quinquagesima Sunday9:40

March 4th 2011  First Friday Feast of St Casimir9:02

February 27th  2011  Sexagesima Sunday

February 20th 2011  Septuagesima Sunday11:04

February 13th 2011  6th Sunday after the Epiphany9:57

February 6th 2011  5th Sunday after the Epiphany7:01

February 4th 2011  First Friday9:33

January 30th 2011  4th Sunday after the Epiphany

January 23rd 2011  3rd Sunday after the Epiphany9:48

January 9th 2011  The Holy Family, Jesus Mary & Joseph8:27

January 7th 2011  First Friday11:28 s

January 6th 2011  The Epiphany of Our Lord8:54

January 2nd 2011  Feast of The Holy Name of Jesus8:44
Corpus Christi Homily
Holy Week Homily
January - April 2011
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"...Seek the things that
               are above..."
                                   (Col 3:1)
"...Seek the things that
               are above..."
                                   (Col 3:1)
January - April 2011
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